Become a certified mental health guide and transform lives.

Be a source of help in Innerworld, a virtual community where members can work through mental health challenges safely and anonymously.

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Build your life by making a difference in someone else’s.

As a guide in Innerworld, you will provide support for people navigating mental health obstacles and gain the clinical skills needed to be an effective support group leader. Your support and guidance will help Innerworld members overcome immense challenges and build their best lives.

Providing guidance is a spectacular opportunity for professional development in the counseling or psychotherapy fields. You’ll learn cognitive behavioral skills and how to teach them, and you’ll be introduced to Cognitive Behavioral Immersion™, a groundbreaking new way to get and give mental health help.


Two hours a week, minimum: one training session and one meeting.



No prior counseling experience needed! We’ll provide initial training.

Make an impact on the lives of others and help to grow a community. 


Am I Right for the Role?

The guide position gives you a great start if you’re interested in a career in counseling or related fields. This role is an ideal supplement to anyone planning to apply to graduate or medical school. 

But no experience is needed! We’re looking for warm, empathetic folks of all ages with an interest in helping others. If you have an interest in mental health challenges and helping people overcome them, our training program will teach you everything you need to become a successful guide.

What Is Innerworld?

Innerworld is a virtual platform built on peer guidance and Cognitive Behavioral  Immersion. Innerworld members attend virtual events (available daily) to explore the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that shape them, learn how to navigate mental health challenges, or just to hang out and find community.

Innerworld is accessible on any device, including Oculus headsets, smartphones, tablets, or computers, and it is 100% anonymous.

Thanks in large part to our guides, Innerworld members find a strong sense of support and community, and many times Innerworld is their first major self-initiated step to improved mental health. 

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Here’s what Innerworld 
members say about Innerworld:

I like how interactive it is. It actually makes you feel like you’re a part of the meeting as opposed to just being like a spectator.”

I always feel better at the end of the meeting than I did at the beginning of the meeting.”

I was able to actually use a lot of the tools, but also [learn] how they are applied and take away a lot of the information just to say okay, I ain’t alone in this stuff.”

Ready to empower your peers? Apply to be a guide!

If you have any questions about being a guide or about Innerworld, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Natalie Strucinski, our Director of Operations and Community and she’ll be happy to help!

NOTE: Though we teach and use the principles of CBT, Innerworld is not a form of therapy. As a guide, you will be certified and vetted through our training program, but we do not confer practitioners licenses for therapists or psychiatrists. Our goal is offer help and guidance for mental health challenges through a virtual, supportive community.

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